General Competition Inquiries Contact

Joy Scrogum,, Emerging Technologies Resource Specialist, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, UIUC; Tel 217-333-8948

Project Director

William Bullock,, Professor, Art and Design, UIUC


Manohar R. Kulkarni, Director, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, UIUC
Nan Goggin, Director, School of Art and Design, UIUC

Resource Advisor

Howard Guenther, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, UIUC

Facilities Advisor

David Wilcoxen, Facilities Director of Safety and Compliance, UIUC

Competition Consultant

Jeffery Poss, Professor, School of Architecture, UIUC

UIUC Graphic Manager

Eric Benson, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design, UIUC


Huang Li, MFA 2010, UIUC

Industry Liaison

Willie Cade, CEO, PC Rebuilders and Recyclers (PCRR), Chicago, IL