Honorable Mentions

From left to right: Bryan Dewhurst, Holly Roe, Megnan Kenney, Reza Shiftehfar, and Monica Czarny

Project Description:

From WHENCE it came is a brand devoted to the reuse of electronic waste. Technology, which typically drives families their separate ways, now brings them back together.

WHENCE can connect to a phone or television and children and parents can update calendars and shopping lists through the Family Forum. WHENCE also can store all movies and music that family members can share and that parents can monitor. The mothership is the main computer of the home which connects. Housed within the recycled shell there are multiple Intel Pentium III processors combined, for increased processing power through the Beowulf Cluster system. The mothership can be accessed through existing home computers or portals. These portals have the ports necessary to use existing monitors, keyboards, and mice. The shells of these devices are made from the crushed up computer shells of old computers and combined with polylactic acid resin which is thermoformable and biodegradeable.




Artist / Designer

Gold Award- 1st Place
Silver Award – 2nd Place

Bronze Award – 3rd Place



Geek / Technical

Gold - 1st Place

+Recycling Kiosk


Silver – 2nd Place

+E-Waste Hydroponics Farm


Bronze –3rd Place

+Project E3 (E-Filter, E-Frame, E-Page)


Honorable Mentions


+The E-Wave






























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