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Professor William Bullock


  • William Bullock, Professor,; 265-0873, Art and Design
  • Brian Deal, Assistant Professor, Regional and Urban Planning
  • Brian Lilly, Adjunct Associate Professor, Tech. Entrepreneurship Center, IESE
  • Tim Lindsey, Director, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
  • Bill Sullivan, Professor, Director, Environmental Council
  • Eric Benson, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design
  • Howard Guenther, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
  • David Wilcoxen, Facilities Director of Safety and Compliance
  • Jeffery Poss, Associate Professor, Architecture


Willie Cade, CEO, PC Refurbishers and Recyclers, Chicago.


Design competition sponsors invited from Fortune 500 companies.
Tentative List of Sponsors:
PC Rebuilders and Recyclers, Chicago
Product Innovation Research Laboratory (PIRL), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

















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